Announncement of FY2014 Result Briefing of Project to Promote the Development and Introduction of Robotic Care Devices, (project for Making standard, evaluation) , Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry

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Holding purpose:We are planning to exhibition and introduction of robotic care devices evaluation tool care work recording tool, dummy robot of an old person, dummy robot of a caregiver etc.), evaluation of robotic devices, sham nursing facilities, living support robot safety test devices that has been researched and developed in the heading project for making standard, evaluation and the robot care devices which developers have developed by a subsidy project.

Access:We’ll prepare round route bus between the Tsukuba Express Kenkyugakuen Station, JARI, and Robot Safety Centor.You can’t use a parking in the venue.When you come to the venue by your own car, please use coin-operated parking spaces around the Kenkyugakuen station.

  • Capacity:250people(nursing care business person plus robot care devices developer)
  • Entry Qualification: The person who corresponds to one following can participate.
    • Nursing care business person etc.
    • Nursing care equipments rental business person etc.
    • A member of NEDO robotic care devices development partnership (Or people that is under consideration for new member.)
    • Press
    • Other(Organizer, Administrative operson concerned)
    • Registration:
      • Application deadline:May 11(Monday)10:00
      • FormatPlease download this format,mention requirements,and apply in a mail or fax.
      • robotic devices for nursing care secretariat


      10:00~10:30 Whole project progress report(the standard development situation devices development,examination result,the field of important point,introduction promotion),Hirohisa Hirukawa,(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
      Document: [PDF]
      10:30~11:30 Robot care devices developers result report
      10:30~10:50 NK Works Co.,Ltd
      10:50~11:10 King Tsushin Kogyo Co.Ltd
      11:10~11:30 RT.Works Co.Ltd
      11:30~12:00 Care to make better,how to use devices,how to lead development and proof,Yayoi Okawa(AIST) Lecture
      Document: [Please apply by this format after the purpose of this document is written clearly]
      12:00~12:30 Safe examination in the safe inspection centor : Tatsuo Fujikawa(JARI)
      ISO13482 the standard certification : Sumio Asada(JQA)
      Robot rebolution initiative,consortium : Kotaro Oba(AIST)
      Lecture Document: [PDF]
      12:30~14:00 Looking facilities and robotic care devices (Robot Safety Center)

      ※Please use a round route bus when you go to lunch,because there are lots of restaurants around Kenkyugakuen station.

      Exhibition of robotic care devices

      <Outdoor mobility aids>
      Walking assist cart(,Ltd)

      <Walking assist cart (,Ltd) >
      Monitoring system using three dimentions electric mat(NK Works Co.,Ltd)

      Silhouette watch sensor(King Tsushin Kogyo Co.Ltd)