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AMED(エーメド)は、2015年4月に設立された、医療分野の研究開発およびその環境整備の中核 的な役割を担う国立研究開発法人です。基礎から実用化までの一貫した医療研究開発の推進と、その成果の円滑な実用化を図るとともに、研究開発環境の整備を総合的かつ効果的に行うために様々な取り組みを行っています。
令和3年度より国立研究開発法人日本医療研究開発機構(AMED)が進めている「医療機器等にお ける先進的研究開発・開発体制強靭化事業(ロボット介護機器開発等推進事業)」や、その前身 となる「ロボット介護機器開発・導入促進事業」(平成25~29年度)および「ロボット介護機器 開発・標準化事業」(平成30~令和2年度)がこれに該当します。

ROBOTIC CARE DEVICE Definition of robotic care equipment

A robot is an intelligent mechanical system that has three elemental technologies:

(1)Recognizes the external world and its own situation through sensors, etc. (sensor system),

(2) Obtained information (intelligence and control system), and

(3) Performs actions according to the results (drive system).

Nursing care robots (nursing care robots) The following “robots” are applied, and we call nursing care devices that are useful in

(1) improving the productivity of nursing care sites ,

(2) supporting the independence of users, and

(3) reducing the burden on caregivers.

POLICY Basic Policy for Development of Robot Nursing Care Equipment

Nursing care robots are now being actively researched and developed, but they are still in the process of research and development toward their "practical use." "Robot care equipment development and introduction promotion project" is a project that is being promoted for practical use. The following two points are defined as basic policies for the development of practical robotic care equipment.

Basic policy 1:

The purpose and effects of robotic care equipment are viewed as effects on “people.” We don't just pursue performance as a machine. Nursing care robots will be developed and used with a clear purpose of "improving people's lives".

Basic policy 2:

Robotic nursing care equipment is positioned as a physical nursing care means for practicing well-executed nursing care. positioned within the program as a whole.

PRIORITY FIELD Priority areas for long-term care use

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare have established “Priority Fields in the Use of Robot Technology for Nursing Care” based on the following three conditions, A to C, in order to contribute to nursing care sites and create new industries using robot technology. Support projects such as subsidies are being implemented for these priority areas.