Silhouette Monitoring Sensor

Main Features

・Monitoring by the caregiver is done through silhouette images of the patient which leads to higher levels of privacy maintained.

・Possible to check the situation of patient from distant location by notifying abnormalities to computers or tablets, by detecting movements of “getting up” “jut-out” or “out-of-bed”.

・When movement is detected, silhouette image of will also send to computers and tablet with notification, allowing caregiver to understand the situation visually.

・When movement is detected, it will record the history of the detected images before and after for total of 15 seconds. Thus, verification can be visually done by the silhouette image even after the situation has occurred.


The name of the robot care equipment Silhouette Monitoring Sensor
Company name KING TSUSHIN KOGYO Co., Ltd.
Target area Monitoring dementia patients
Expected target user Care workers
Assumed environment For those who are at risk of injury when they move from bed and futon during rehabilitation and those with dementia, and to monitor during their sleep.
Sales date 2016/11/1
Contact department Sales Division Business Development Division (Yoshimura)
Contact number 03-3705-8540