Walking Assist Cart
(RT.WORKS co., ltd.)

Main Features

[Walking assist function]

・Assist brake control, which takes into consideration the road environment and the operating force of the user.
・The cart is operated in accordance with the pace of the user, greatly reducing the risk of falling. (For example, recession when on narrow or downhill roads)
・It learns the operation characteristics due to individual differences and physical condition of the user, anyone at any time can use a walking aid that can be used comfortably.

[High operability]

・User interface that does not require special operation.

[High operability]

・By network connection, monitoring is possible using walking history management where the sensor information can be applied to health care applications.

[Cool, and reliable design]

・The pursuit of product design to give feeling of joy.


The name of the robot care equipment Robot Assist Walker RT.1
Company name RT.WORKS co., ltd.
Target area Outdoor mobility aids
Expected target user Elderly people
Assumed environment Outdoors and indoors
Sales date available for sale
Contact department Service Robot Division
Contact number 06-6975-6650