Study on communication robots
that monitor and talk to reduce fall risk of elderly people
(Econavista Co.,Ltd.)

Main Features

The robot installed at the bedside will call out to the target elderly person when it detects that he or she is getting up, and turn the target elderly person`s mind toward the robot, thereby creating more time before he or she leaves the bed. This creates more time for the nursing staff to rush to the target elderly person.


It is not just a voice from a speaker, but a human-like robot that speaks to the elderly. The human-like robot can shorten the psychological distance between the voice source and the target elderly person.


By focusing on sensing technology using sensor mats, etc., we have reduced the amount of processing required by the robot itself, thereby reducing the need for high functionality (high price).


The name of the robot care equipment Communication Robot for Watching and Calling
Company name Econavista Co.,Ltd.
Target area Communication
Expected target user Facilities for elderly people who need assistance when getting out of bed.
Assumed environment Bedside in a room in a senior citizen facility
Sales date Ariund 2021