24-hour Remote Area Monitoring System
for The Elderly at Home (Bio Silver Co., Ltd.)

Main Features

The aams. care is a system that allows a real-time monitoring from a remote area for heart rate, respiration, body movement, and patient’s presence or absence in a bed, by merely lying on a non-contact, unrestrained, and non-invasive mat type biosensor. It allows a simultaneous check of multiple users’ information on the PC screen, and when detecting the values previously tailored to the users’ needs, it informs with PC sound and nurse call. It is the “Only one” monitoring system unique to our company.

・The joystick on the top of the arm allows non-step winding/feeding operations of the right and left belts.
・One joystick on the top of the arm allows independent or simultaneous operations of the right and left belts, making possible one-hand separate work anytime.
・Caregiver’s positioning between the caretaker and the transfer care assist equipment lets the caregiver and the caretaker keep close to each other anytime.


The name of the robot care equipment Development of a 24-hour remote area monitoring system for the elderly at home
Company name Bio Silver Co., Ltd.
Target area Home nursing care monitoring
Expected target user ①When a user leaves the bed, it notifies with an alarm. (Prevent fall, and wandering -> a function as a floor leaving sensor)
②Those who are concerned about bedsores. (Prevent bedsores -> notify a user with an alarm of the state of no body movement for a certain period.)
③Monitoring a terminal side, etc.
Assumed environment Home/facility
Sales date October 2014
Contact department Sales Department
Contact number 045-548-5478