Mobility Aid that uses an Inverted Pendulum Technology
(TacaoF CO., LTD.)

Main Features

"Mobility aid for walking, such as to keep pace during downhill or uphill"


・Assist in climbing uphill and downhill (braking) with auto-sensing function.
・Even if the device is released on a slope environment, it can be stopped on the spot (will not roll down the slope).


・Inverted pendulum is used as an operation interface. (can be operated intuitive)


The name of the robot care equipment KeePace (key path)
Company name TacaoF CO., LTD.
Target area Mobility aid
Expected target user Senior citizens capable of self-walking
Assumed environment Outdoor, indoor (hospital, shop)
Sales date December 2014
Contact department Product Development Division
Contact number 072-238-0510