IoT System for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Robot Nursing Devices

1. Overview

This is an IoT system to quantitatively evaluate the aid provided to the elderly to support themselves and to reduce the burden on caregivers when robot nursing devices are introduced. This consists of a nursing record system that uses smartphones, a caregiver and nursed person position measurement system, a nurse call history recording system, a robot nursing device log system, and statistics processing software.

2. System configuration

Fig. System configuration

3. Specifications

(a) The nursing record system specifically for work analysis. The entrance/exit records from the position measurement system trigger the recording of the nursing work and work time for each location.
(b) The position measurement system requires the person being measured to carry a smartphone. An app is used to measure the strength of the signal from the BLE radio wave beacon, and the estimated position (rooms, etc.) is determined by the processing of that signal.
(c) The nurse call history system records from where the nurse call was generated and who responded when and for how long in the log.
(d) The statistics processing software is used to analyze the data recorded from the above.