Robotic Care Devices poll: “I want to use” about 60%

The Cabinet Office announced the results of the “Special Public Opinion Poll on Robotic Care Devices” on September 12. “Robotic Care Devices” is the state-of-the-art devices to assist bathing and walking in the field of nursing care and welfare same as those being developed in this project.

Answered that they “want to use” and “want to use,if anything” during the home care was 59.8% in total. In addition, when they receive the care, they said, “I want them to use” and “I want them to use,if anything” was up to 65.1% in total. The poll was conducted to 3000 male and females over 20 years of age nationwide from August 1 to 11, received 1842 answer. The top appeal of robotic care devices(multiple answers) is “Burden of mind and body on the caregiver becomes lighter” (63.9%). When asked in multiple answers that what was the hard time for the people with care experience, was the order of “toilet”(62.5%), “bathing”(58.3%), “meal”(49.1%).