Research and development on excretion posture assist robot

Main Features

<< Aiming to solve problems in conventional long-term care >>

① Reducing the physical burden on caregivers
・ It bears the physical burden of standing, transferring, and maintaining a standing position.

② From two-person assistance to one-person assistance
・ By having SATOILET take charge of one person, it is possible to assist one person.

③ Watching over in the same space when excreting
・ The posture maintenance function allows one person to excrete, maintaining dignity and reducing the mental burden.

④ Expected to maintain and improve existing ability
・ Does not lift completely when transferring. Please transfer while assisting.

⑤ Installation location in a limited toilet space
-You can effectively use the space under your feet by installing it on the ceiling (direct installation by construction repair or installation of an assembly frame that does not require construction).


The name of the robot care equipment 排泄動作支援機器 SATOILET(サットイレ)
Company name GAMAKATSU CO.,LTD.
Target area Toileting action aids
Expected target user 排泄場面での立ち上がり介助や、立位保持の介助を必要とする被介護者
Sales date 2021/12
Contact department 新規事業部 KR事業課
Contact number 0795-39-0618