Toilet Predicting Device DFree
Toilet Predicting Device DFree

Main Features

The toilet predicting device “DFree” uses ultrasound to track the progression of bladder movements, sending notifications before and after the actual timing of the toilet.


· The app will send a notification on your smart phone before and after the actual timing of the toilet.
· The app displays toilet patterns in a graph, “visualizing” a toilet rhythm.


· Non-invasive sensor uses ultrasound, ensuring safety use.
· DFree analyzes the data obtained with an ultrasound sensor on cloud through a proprietary algorithm, sending a notification.


The name of the robot care equipment Toilet Predicting Device DFree
Company name Triple W Japan K.K.
Target area Toileting anticipation aid
Expected target user The elderly and those with concerns about excrement
Assumed environment Nursing care facility, and at home
Sales date Summer 2018
Contact number 03-5459-1295