Bathing support equipment

Main Features

・This device can be installed and removed easily in a bathtub. This device does not use electricity. We are developing a device that is friendly to the human body and easy to operate.

・This device solves not being able to go in and out of a bathtub and possibility to fall down

・This device can safely take a bath with a sitting posture and a handrail.

・This device reduces the burden on caregiver and aims at the useful apparatus toward most.(the vacuum unit is specifically designed to be placed indoors).


The name of the robot care equipment Bathassist
Target area Bathing support devices
Expected target user Elderly people and carers from mild to moderate who are uneasy to enter and leave the bathtub.
Assumed environment Household bathroom and elderly facilities.
Sales date October, 2019
Contact department Industrial equipment sales department.
Contact number (0797)85-2551