Monitoring Robot Detecting and Preventing
Falls in Home Care

Main Features

Depending on living environments and circumstances, multiple sensors installed in a residence function in a coordinated fashion, providing caregivers with behavior information/emergency calls, as well as calling out to the elderly.
 The equipment has been under development for commercialization with the aim of supporting daily monitoring, in order for the elderly to lead a home life with a sense of security, safety, and pleasure


・Emergency contact in the event of abnormalities using various sensors, and behavior history information browsing function
・Abnormality detection function with various sensors
 ・Fall detection function in a living room/bedroom using a three-dimensional range image sensor
 ・Long stay detection function in a toilet using a toilet monitoring sensor
 ・Function of detecting intrusion to an entrance using a human sensor
 ・Abnormality detection function in a bathroom using a bathtub monitoring sensor
・Calling out function using a monitoring robot PALRO


The name of the robot care equipment The elderly monitoring support system
Target area Home nursing care monitoring
Expected target user The elderly living home, family, care worker, etc.
Assumed environment Bathroom, toilet, living room, bedroom, etc. in the residence of the elderly living home
Sales date TBD
Contact department Product Service Business Department, PALRO Business Division
Contact number 050-3000-2780