Watching system for bathroom

Main Features

・This sensor adopts near infrared rays. The sensor is tolerant to steam and shower. This system certainly detects human body.
・As soon as the sensor detects submerge of human body, units that are installed at out of bathroom notify the incident by the alarm.
・Because this watching system doesn’t shoot images, privacy is protected int the bathroom.
・When the elderly in bathing stop moving, the system also notify th incident by alarms.(the vacuum unit is specifically designed to be placed indoors).


The name of the robot care equipment Watching System for Bathroom
Company name Kyokko Electric co., ltd.
Target area Watching system for dementia
Expected target user Elderly at home, family, caregiver
Assumed environment Bathroom, Dressing room
Sales date TBD
Contact department Kyokko Electric co., ltd. Electric Engineering Dept
Contact number (078)341-1837