Camera Built-in Type Image Recognition
Monitoring Platform (RayTron, INC.)

Main Features

 The elderly monitoring system aimed at preventing severity from becoming higher due to falling over and falling down, as well as a self-supported degree from dropping due to the syndrome after falling down.
Besides the hazardous state notifications, a caregiver or a family allows checks of the image data when the system detects danger, thus providing suitable care.

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・Reductions in loss of or false alarms
・Ensures accurate danger detection with a unique image recognition technology.
・Usable as a non-wearable type
・Prevents the loss of alarms due to failing to wear.
・Less concern of a family and a caregiver
・Daily state notifications such as activity amount and conversation amount, etc. bring about less concern.


・Image recognition system specialized for human recognition
 Adopts an algorithm suitable for human recognition including a posture.
・Consideration for privacy
 Incorporating an image recognition system in the camera eliminates the need for video data transmission (Video data transmission is only when detecting danger.).
・Real-time response
 Realization with dedicated hardware makes possible real-time recognition.

Danger detection algorithm
・After detecting various postures with image recognition, judges whether the state is hazardous or not through the posture transition status, and retention time.
・For risk judgment, adopts an original algorithm that can deal with variations in action for each person and status.


The name of the robot care equipment Camera built-in type image recognition monitoring platform
Company name RayTron, INC.
Target area Home nursing care monitoring
Expected target user The elderly living alone
→ Those who have a period when no people will respond appropriately in the event of abnormalities
(Including those applicable to only during a certain period of time)
Assumed environment Location: Indoors (home)
Time: Always (24-hour monitoring over day and night available)
Sales date Around October 2020
Contact department New Business Promotion Department
Contact number 06-6125-0500