Monitoring Support System for Care-requiring Persons
with Dementia Utilizing Wireless Sensor Network

Main Features

・Acquires the daily behavior and state of care-requiring persons as wave information including heartbeat, respiration, and body movement, with a non-wearable type piezoelectric sensor and microwave sensor, thus acquiring information as a unique behavior and biological activity through the waveform analysis.
・Networks sensors placed in each indoor place with low-power radio, and grasps the location and activity status of the care-requiring persons, as well as reports real-time occurrence of abnormal situations such as fall, respiratory halt, and cardiac arrest, etc.
・Based on accumulated behavior and biological activity information, detects changes in physical condition and activity level of the care-requiring persons and provides a notification to the caregivers.


The name of the robot care equipment Development of a monitoring support system for care-requiring persons with dementia utilizing wireless sensor network
Company name CARECOM CO., LTD.
Target area Home nursing care monitoring
Expected target user Home care-requiring persons
Assumed environment General home
Sales date TBD
Contact department President’s Office Akatsuki Oshima
Contact number 042-485-7111