Motion-sensor wireless monitoring robot

Main Features

・Our monitoring system uses motion and other sensors to detect the motions of a person. When a care-receiver living alone at home fall and cannot get up, the system detects the conditions of the person based on information from the sensors and sends an alarm to the caregiver.
・The monitoring system provides the caregiver and family members with various types of information such as the location of the care-receiver in the house and the temperature of each room.
・A monitoring robot in each room and the main system communicate by using specified small power radio of 920 MHz, which guarantees highly reliable communication because it can transmit in a longer distance with little wave interference in comparison with wireless LAN.


The name of the robot care equipment Motion-sensor wireless monitoring robot
Target area Monitoring aid device for private homes
Expected target user Single-living elderly people and their family members and caregivers
Assumed environment Bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, etc.
Sales date 2016
Contact department Development Department
Contact number 092-405-7603