The Monitoring Agent Network Robot
for Dementia Patients
(Pip Co., Ltd.)

Main Features

A further evolved version of the “Unazuki Kabochan” a commercialized communication robot. The “Mimamori Kabochan”, has added a function to monitor the patient. The “Kusuribako” for medication management. And a network of “Mimamori Sensor” to be installed in living space to create an “Agent-based Network Robot”. The information from these devices is fed into the overall monitoring system and provide the alarm and motion information to the user. It is possible to freely combined and utilize depending on the situation and environment, making it cost efficient for users.


◾Agent type monitoring system (Mimamori Kabochan)
◾Medication management (Medicine Chest)
◾Selective monitoring sensor network (Network Monitoring)

The name of the robot care equipment Development Research Project on Monitoring Agent Network Robot for Dementia Patients
Company name Pip Co., Ltd.
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Used to monitor elderly by others
Assumed environment Mainly used by care workers within the facility or the elderly housing with supportive services and also by family living outside the facility.
Sales date September 2015
Contact department New Business Development Division
Contact number 06-7663-783