Monitoring system with multi bed sensors
for nursing care homes
(VR Techno center, Inc.)

Main Features

Our monitoring system detects a dementia or elderly person leaving the bed by their predictive body position (getting up, sitting on the bedside, standing) and sends a message to caregivers immediately. The system helps communication between caregivers and care-receivers and among caregivers so that caregivers can locate care-receivers easily and be informed of whether or not care-receivers are in danger.

The monitoring system helps the nursing care staff in the following ways:

◾Detects signs of a care-receiver leaving the bed.
◾Sends a message quickly to nursing care staff and their office.
◾Allows nursing care staff to talk to care-receivers through cell phones.
◾Enables nursing care staff to monitor care-receivers through their cell phones.
◾Can be connected to existing mat sensors and nurse call systems.
◾Monitors several care-receivers at the same time.
◾Lets several givers use the system at the same time.


The name of the robot care equipment Monitoring system
Company name Consortium for promoting the monitoring service system project
Target area Monitoring system for nursing care homes
Expected target user Nursing care staff for dementia patients or elderly people
Assumed environment Nursing care homes that need to monitor mainly elderly people with dementia and other elderly people who are at a high risk of accidental injuries from trying to leave the bed alone (e.g., breaking bones from falling over or falling off the bed).
Sales date Sometime in the first half of 2015
Contact number 072-785-9665