Monitoring aid system for nursing care
at care houses and hospitals
(AIVS Corporation)(AIVS Corporation)

Main Features

◾We want to prevent accidents around the bed defore they happen!
◾We want to reduce the burdens of nurses and care-givers!
◾It is from these thoughts that we created the system.


1. The system detects movement to get out of bed, such as raising the body or moving to the edge of the bed, and notifies the user before leaving the bed.
2. Detects and notifies abnormal movements on the bed.
3. Multiple care givers and nursing staff can watch over multiple subjects at the same time.
4.You can set the level of danger to be notified depending on the subject`s condition.
5.By installing the optional camera, you can immediately check the situation on your terminal when notified. (For privacy protection, the consent of the user and his/her family is required.
6.Existing nurse call connection is also available as a simple operation model.


1.The panel-type sensor is placed under the mattress, making it easy to install and remove.
2.It is difficult for users to recognize that it is installed and does not cause stress.
3.The initial settings are automatically adjusted when you start using the system, so anyone can use it right away.
4.The combination of two types of four sensors and a unique algorithm to accurately determine the state of the system results in fewer false alarms.
5.The history is managed in the sensor box, which allows you to keep track of their activities even when they are in nurse call operation.


The name of the robot care equipment MIMAMORI SYSTEM
Company name AVIS Corporation
Target area Monitoring dementia patients
Expected target user Residents and patients who fall out of bed or get out of bed unexpectedly.
Assumed environment Place: Residents and patients
Time: 24 hours
Sales date April 2015
Contact department AVIS Corporation
Contact number 097-536-0999