Safety Monitoring System using 24GHz Radar Technology
(KogaSoftware Inc)

Main Features

Radar light is a safety monitoring system incorporating a wireless network and a non-contact 24GHz radar to LED lighting.

◾No discomfort of monitoring and protect privacy.
◾LED light has built-in radar, which measure distance change and movement.
◾Report through wireless communication and flashing LED, by capturing sudden changes in condition.
◾Can alert at any unconsciousness by vital data measurement.
◾Power is supplied by luminaire which leads no need to consider power supply.
◾As it is an LED bulb shape, it can be installed with general purpose lighting fixture.
◾By combining with emergency notification apparatus, it can notify to registered phone number.


The name of the robot care equipment Safety Monitoring System using 24GHz Radar Technology
Company name The consortium for monitoring and nursing service by the non-contact sensors utilizing radar technology
◾Koga Software Co., Ltd.
◾Koha, Inc.
◾Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Care professionals use
Assumed environment Is fixed to the ceiling (above bed) of the room, radar light notify the system via wireless LAN to detect the abnormal status of the patient
Sales date October 2014
Contact department Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd.,
Platform Solutions Division
Contact number 03-5778-8670