Sleep Monitoring System for Nursing Care
(Chugai Seisakusho Co.,Ltd)

Main Features

"The dementia care by monitoring and quantified sleep situation"


◾Detection of dangerous situationg of those who require care.
◾Real-time care provided by quantified sleep situation.
◾Tailored care adapted to daily rhythm is realized by using index from the quantified sleep situation.


◾Mat sensor and sleep sensor using conductive fiber cloth.
◾Sleep sensor using RFID active tag.
◾Sleep situation expressed numerically in real-time.


The name of the robot care equipment BEAR SiTTERs monitoring system
Company name Chugai Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.
Shibata Technotex Co., Ltd.
E & M Inc.
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Care workers and those who require care in nursing homes
Assumed environment Within the room of those who require care in nursing homes
Sales date Around April 2014
Contact department Chugai Seisakusyo Co., Ltd., Planning and Development Division
Contact number 026-215-2012