Adaptive Monitoring Platform
(Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

Main Features

The system is composed of "bedside sensor", "distributed sensor networks" and "monitoring server" for managing those data, by monitor over the entire facility starting from a stage around the bed by using "monitoring scenarios application" to give fine long-term care.
Scenario monitoring application

・Adaptive type
 Depending on the level of care or the individual behavior patterns, tailored "monitoring scenario" can be set to notify abnormal conditions.

・Integration type
 Algorithm to determine (or predict) behavior of the person with dementia from the multiple sensor information.

・Learning type
 Classify abnormal and normal by collecting sensor information of each scene of the main patient on the bed.


The name of the robot care equipment "Adaptive Monitoring Platform" (tentative title)
Company name Funai Electric Co.,Ltd.
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Care workers use for the purpose of watching people with dementia (On the caregiver can also be used under the watch of care workers requiring long-term care`s terminal)
Assumed environment Use in a facility that dementia patients live
Sales date Around April 2015
Contact department Development Engineering Division and Development Sales Department
Contact number 072-870-4488