Vital Sensing Monitoring System
(GOV Co., Ltd.)

Main Features


◾Just spread under the bed mat, and it will detect body movement (lying, sitting, out-of-bed) of the elderly patient.
◾Monitors and detects change of breathing and heart rate especially important during sleep.
◾The data is sent through wireless server which issues alerts to mobile devices such as the caregiver`s smartphones, when it detects an unsafe condition of the patient.
◾Multiple caregivers can watch over multiple patients at once.


◾High sensitive capacitance sensor, detects the heart rate and breathing even under the bed mat.
◾By leveraging everyday equipment like smartphones as a terminal, it is easy to use and can reduce the cost.
◾By adopting a generic data format and interface, it can secure the compatibility of the connection, combine with the other equipment, and extend the data easily.


The name of the robot care equipment Vital Sensing Monitoring System
Company name GOV Co.,Ltd
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Dementia patient
Assumed environment Nursing homes, hospitals
Sales date Around April 2015
Contact department Development department
Contact number 075-315-3693