Product Planning Department, New Area Development Group
for Dementia Patients
(RTC Co., Ltd.)

Main Features

◾Our products aim to the Triple-A of safety(anzen) / relief(anshin) / low cost(anka).
◾Safety: We support the monitoring so that the care reciever can live safely.
◾Relief: To help reduce the burden on caregivers and monitor over with a sense of relief.
◾Low cost: It provides a low-cost product for facilities to implement easily.
◾By sensing the body`s motion through a sensor panel which notifies the caregiver prior to the body actually moving out of bed, it reduces the burden on the caregiver by help preventing fall and accidents.


The name of the robot care equipment Out-of-bed Prediction and Notification System for Dementia Patient
Company name RTC Co.,Ltd
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Care workers
Assumed environment Care facility
Sales date Around October 2014
Contact department Engineering Department
Contact number 0285-56-6213