(Toli Corporation)

Main Features

Cordless, battery-less wireless monitoring mat.


◾No wiring: Solves the problem of wire disconnection and reduces the risk of tripping.
◾Does not require battery or power source: Solves signal failures due to battery/power failure.
◾Free positioning: Solves the limitation of the installation and carrying by removing wiring issues.


The mat transmits radio signal, by translating the stepping motion of the patient into electrical energy and use as a power source.


The name of the robot care equipment ETERIOR MAT
Company name Toli Corporation
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Care workers in nursing facility and at home
Assumed environment Place ETERIOR MAT at location you want to monitor (foot of the bed, entrance of the room, at the toilet, etc.) Information transmitted from the patient, informs caregivers through nurse call.
Sales date October 2013
Contact department Product Planning Department, New Area Development Group
Contact number 03-5470-7581