Non-contact Monitoring System using Infrared Array
(Nissho Denki Co., Ltd.)

Main Features

◾Detects the temperature of the patient through infrared array sensor.
◾Determines the physical position of the patient from the distribution of body temperature.
◾Predict behaviour or movement of upright position from the bed area, to determine risk of injury or any sort of danger.
◾Can monitor the status of multiple patients (residents of a care home) through a computer screen connected to the management server.
◾Multiple patients can be reported at the same time to in the management server, by detecting anomaly from the sensor unit.
◾Built-in call function.
◾Caregivers can adjust the alert level, so as not to be too dependent on the system.


The name of the robot care equipment Non-contact Monitoring System using Infrared Array
Company name Nissho Denki Co., Ltd.
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Caregivers with dementia patient
Assumed environment Care facility
Sales date From April 2015
Contact department Sales Division Marketing Office
Contact number 03-3759-1441