Dementia Care Management Platform
(FuRo Works Co.,Ltd.)

Main Features

◾Detects the transition to hazardous conditions due to move out from bed or change in position in bed by combining infrared depth sensor, bed mat load sensor, light sensor, and floor mat sensor.
◾By setting a "risk level classification table" which express the relation of physical ability and physical position and degree of risk of the patient, and estimate transition to a dangerous condition on the basis of it.
◾Sensor group has wireless communication function and modularized. Thus can be easily enhanced and recombined.
◾Appropriate risk management that can be tailored to the characteristics and state of each dementia patient through the use of the database.
◾The system operates based on a care plan that incorporates risk assessment, allows balancing of efficiency and variation and risks of each caregiver to facility management.


The name of the robot care equipment Dementia Care Management Platform
Company name FuRo Works Co.,Ltd. (Dementia Care Management System Consortium)
Target area Monitoring dementia patient
Expected target user Care workers, care facility managers
Assumed environment Staff station and around the bed of dementia care facility
Sales date January, 2015
Contact department FuRo Works Co.,Ltd.
Contact number 047(478)0567