Automatic Excrement Treatment Device
(Liberty Solution)

Main Features

Conducts suction, wash and dry while automatically detecting excrement.


Adopts special silicone also used for artificial breasts. Prevents urine leakage and water leakage. Easy operations. Diapers unrequired. Significant reduction of urinary infection, and bed sores.


Conducts a washing process according to the state of excrement (urine, loose stools, hard stool, etc.), and shortens the time and saves wash water.
Allows a display of the excrement treatment count and time.


The name of the robot care equipment Liberty Himawari
Company name Liberty Solution
Target area Automatic Excrement Treatment Device
Expected target user Nursing care level 4 and 5
Assumed environment Home nursing care facility (hospital)
Sales date June 2018
Contact number 0852-61-3999