Wells Variable Mobile Flush Toilet
(Sekisui Home Techno Co., Ltd.)

Main Features

A variable mobile flush toilet is developed with the following features: For continuously safe and comfortable use for both caretakers and caregivers, the equipment is detachably installed in a single room at the time of renovation of the facility, and the position can be changed to an easy-to-use place according to the user`s physical condition. Additionally, even in a living room, it allows easy transfer mobility as well as maintenance of excretion postures with an armrest of the toilet, and also completely discharges and removes unpleasant odor.


The name of the robot care equipment Wells variable mobile flush toilet
Company name Sekisui Home Techno Co., Ltd.
Target area Toilet aid
Expected target user The elderly with concerns about the movement to the toilet at night and their caregivers
Assumed environment Use in a facility at night
Sales date Around April 2018
Contact department Business Management Department, Business Planning Division
Contact number 06-6397-3682