Vacuum Waste Drainage Assist Portable Toilet System
(Aronkasei Co.,Ltd.)

Main Features

・According to the hight of the bed.
・A flush toilet that has the advantage of a portable toilet, which can flush out the waste.
・It is designed to fit to the living room, even if it is place by the bed.
・There is a model which do not require constructions(the vacuum unit is specifically designed to be placed indoors).


The name of the robot care equipment Vacuum Excretion Drainage Assist Portable Toilet System
Company name Aronkasei Co.,Ltd.
Target area Toileting aids
Expected target user people who are still adequately indipendent and also who require light assistance
Assumed environment Living room (home or facility)
Sales date Spring 2016
Contact department Aron Kasei Co., Ltd., New Business Development Department
Contact number 052-601-0381