Indoor Type Robot Walker
(RT.WORKS co., ltd.)

Main Features

Supports indoor mobility and standing and sitting of the elderly.

・Support for stand-up with a natural movement
   Assists by steering wheel rise and wheel control works, ensuring stability of stand-up.
・ Support for slow and safe sit-down
   When sitting down, a user can slowly lower his/her hips while using the equipment as support.
・Support for maintaining a posture at arbitrary height
   Easier to maintain a half-sitting and stand-up posture in a toilet, etc.
・Walking support with an automatic control function
   Automatically controls assist and braking according to the movement of persons.

Possibilities widening with communication functions

Through connections to a smartphone or Internet cloud, we are committed to proposing services that lead to monitoring, care record management, health care, and motivation for exercises.


The name of the robot care equipment Indoor type robot walker
Company name RT.WORKS co., ltd.
Target area Indoor mobility aids
Expected target user Those with concerns about standing-up/sitting-down, walking, and standing-up maintenance by themselves
Assumed environment Indoors
Sales date After April 2018
Contact department IR Public Relations/Liaison Department
Contact number 0869-24-0891