Mobile aid “Kaigo+α”
(YMP-Mundus Corporation)

Main Features

Kaigo+α has a framework that helps the user in the bathroom.

・Kaigo+α helps the user turn around in the bathroom.
・Kaigo+α helps the user pulling down and up the pants (with a single hand) in the bathroom.

Kaigo+α is light enough even for an elderly person and has handles specifically designed to help the user get up and down.

Kaigo+α is equipped with a walking assistance function that is smart enough to understand the user’s intention and control the rear driving wheels.

Kaigo+α is equipped with a fall prevention warning system that detects the centroid position of the user and warns her/him of falling risk.

Kaigo+α is capable of sending information of the users to smartphones and tablets while in use.


The name of the robot care equipment Mobile aid “Kaigo (help)+α”
Company name YMP-Mundus Corporation
Target area Indoor mobility aids
Expected target user People who are having difficulty getting up and down by themselves
People who need a walker or other walking aids to walk
Assumed environment Indoor use for private and nursing care homes
Sales date Not decided yet
Contact department K-Factory Campany
Contact number 06-4790-3325