Outing Support Assist Walking Vehicle ES-04
(Nabtesco Corporation.)

Main Features

A next-generation walking vehicle that realizes secure, safe and comfortable mobility, while automatically grasping the situation such as flat land, uphill slope, and downhill slope through the assist control technology.

・Easy movement on a flat land and uphill slope with an automatic assist
・Secure on a downhill with automatic braking
・Safe on a downhill slope with automatic braking
・Equipped with a regenerative charging function to return the electricity generated by the motor to the battery
・An easy operation same as that of a normal walking vehicle
・Streamlined cutting edge design frame


The name of the robot care equipment Outing support assist walking vehicle ES-04
Company name Nabtesco Corporation.
Target area Outdoor mobility aids
Expected target user The elderly with concerns about walking and those with disabilities
Assumed environment Outdoors and indoors
Sales date TBD
Contact department Accessibility Innovations Company, Welfare Business Promotion Dept.
Contact number 078-413-2724