Otasuke Walker
(Azbil Co., Ltd.,

Main Features

・Our walking aid provides assistance for elerly people physically and mentally by making it easier to walk outdoors.


・The power assist operation automatically detects a slope, so as not to feel the weight of the walker.
 ・Because the structure is based on a walker on the market, the user can use the handle, brake, seat, folding etc., giving a sense of the familiarity in operation. In addition, the appearance goes in harmony naturally with the living environment.
 ・If it detects a condition that seems dangerous, it is possible to call family at distant place, reducing the fear of going out.


The name of the robot care equipment Otasuke Walker
Company name Azbil Corporation
Target area Outdoor mobility aids
Expected target user Elderly people, e.g., those not so motivated to go out, those reluctant to go out becuse of living conditions, etc.
Assumed environment Mainly outdoors
Sales date to be decided
Contact department Key Technology Development Department, Research and Development Headquarters
Contact number 0466-52-7149