Outing Support Robot Equipment RoboCart

Main Features

Mobility support equipment that supports outing of the elderly, while combining the real-time gait analysis technology and electric assist technology.


・In order to enable the elderly to walk with their own feet, analyzes and supports the manner of walking such as speed, stride, and direction, etc. in real time.

・Realizes the running performance on steps, uphill slope, and gravel road, etc. by generating a driving force with the front two wheels, and enables safe walking on a downhill slope, etc. by generating a braking force.

・ The handle part and the support column have a folded structure, permitting storage inside a regular car or a trunk.


The name of the robot care equipment Outing support robot equipment RoboCart
Company name CYBERDYNE INC.
Target area Mobility aid
Expected target user The elderly in general
Assumed environment Mainly outdoors
Sales date TBD
Contact department R&D Department
Contact number 029-869-8446