Power-Assisted Rolling Walker
(Hirosaki Machine Developer Co.,Ltd)

Main Features

A power-assisted rolling walker assisting shopping, traveling in public, farm work in the field, for the elderly, etc., which can be used in light rain or mild snow. Eliminates the hesitation to the caregivers by assisting the smooth walk, travel range is expanded, to prevent the onset of disease due to lack of exercise, and assist to live healthy.


・A rolling walker which can be used alone.
・Adjusts pace by the amount of power given from the user.


・Equipped with headlight and light path to allow nighttime use.
・Has a sensor that detects obstacles that has a significant impact on the walking posture.


The name of the robot care equipment Power-assisted Rolling Walkers for Senior Citizens (tentative)
Company name TGR4 Consortium
  ・Hirosaki Machine Developer Co., Ltd.,
  ・Kuraro Corporation
  ・Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Center Hirosaki Regional Institute
Target area Mobility aid
Expected target user For senior citizens: who has the confidence in walking with a stick or side bar on their own
Assumed environment Location: indoor and outdoor, residential areas, shopping malls, facilities, tourist destination time: all day long, during walks, or shopping, and can store away luggage