Transfer Aid Device utilizing Mechatronics
(Yaskawa Electric Corporation)

Main Features

Our bed-to-chair transfer aid is designed to reduce the physical burden of caregivers and help people with low mobility spend more time out of bed and enjoy activities and socializing. We create nursing care aids that benefit all people, caregivers and care-receivers alike.


・All it takes is just one helper:Our product guarantees easy operation and easy transfer, allowing a single helper to move the care-receiver from the bed to the wheelchair.

・No stress on the helper: The caregiver will not feel any physical stress while transferring the care-receiver thanks to the power-assisted robot arms that do much of lifting. The aid robot also uses a sling seat that gives a stable support all through a lifting action regardless of the bodily features of the care-receiver.

・Great posture control for next action:Our aid robot provides posture support for the care-receiver to help him/her get ready for whatever action he/she is up to after the transfer. It also controls pelvic inclination, which is helpful for the care-receiver to be seated in a proper posture.


・Smooth ride:Our aid robot promises gentle, smooth transfer so that the care-receiver can just sit and relax at every ride. Our unique servo technology realizes a smooth up-and-down action and tilt rotation. The structure is so sturdy and stable that it does not wobble even when the care-receiver makes some movement during a transfer, thus giving him/her no physical or mental stress.

・Easy operation: Touch sensors on the top and bottom part of the arms allow the user to rotate the robot arms. Intuitive operation makes the caregiver feel as if he/she held and helped the person up or down for real. Even not-so-mechanical people can operate the machine with no sweat and no fear.

・Our aid robot has all kinds of safety measures: the Enable button, touch sensors, the emergency stop button, the alarm LED, the circuit with a redundancy system, self-monitoring for system failure (WDT), etc.


The name of the robot care equipment Transfer Aid
Company name YASKAWA Electric Corporation
Target area Transfer aids: Non-wearable equipment using robot technology, which provides the caregiver with powered assistance in transferring the care-receiver.
Expected target user Nursing care workers
Assumed environment Nursing care and private homes
Sales date 2016 after verification tests
Contact department Motion Control Division, Human Assist Business Promotion Team
Contact number (04)2962-5823