Transfer Support Robot Hug T

Main Features

Hug is designed with supporting people who face mobility issues such as those that come hand in hand with old age in mind.
From bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to toilet seat;

Hug assists when needing to transfer to a sitting position or in situations where standing for a period of time is required, such as when getting dressed.
Hug supports those who have the ability to stand on their own, but for a particular reason have limited mobility when standing.
Our aim is to provide a robot that reduces problems such as back pain in caregivers and helps users to become more active.


・Natural rising motion that induces forward leaning
・No restraint and no hassle to prepare
・Easy operation of "standing" and "sitting"
・Compact body that can be used in the toilet


The name of the robot care equipment Transfer Support Robot Hug T1
Target area Non-wearable transfer aids with powered assistance, which holds and lifts patients by using robotic technology
Expected target user Professional nursing care workers
Assumed environment Nursing care homes for transfering people between bed and wheelchair, wheelchair and toilet seat, etc.
Sales date April 2016
Contact department Development Center Business Development Department
Contact number 0566-55-8800