Water-proof Transfer Aid
(Sekisui Home Techno Co., Ltd.)

Main Features

【Eliminate the burden to wear the sling】Fix the patient by inserting main body and holder parts of the transfer aid. Eliminating the caregivers burden on their lift-motion by pre-installing sling when using hanging type lift.

【Sleeping/sitting position change】By rotation of the holder parts, the position of the elder can be changed from sleeping to sitting and vice versa. Can change from sleeping position to transfer to the wheelchair of the toilet seat, allowing for independent movement.

【Can be installed in bathroom/powder room】Water-proof feature allow it to be used in wet state, to put stretcher <=> shower carrier in the bathroom powder room especially where it was a large burden for care.


The name of the robot care equipment Water-proof Transfer Aid
Company name Sekisui Home Technology Co., Ltd.
Target area Transfer aid: A non-wearable power assist equipment which holds and lifts patient using robotic technology
Expected target user Care workers to use to assist elderly
Assumed environment 【Private room in a nursing facility】

・transferring between bed <=> wheelchair (or toilet seat, chair)
・or between wheelchair <=> chair (or toilet seat)
【In the bathroom powder room】

・wheelchair <=> powder room <=> bath shower carrier
Sales date October 2015
Contact department Sekisui Home Techno Co., Ltd., Business Management and Development Department
Contact number 06-6397-9747