Portable Backpack Type Lifting Aid Equipment

Main Features

The lifting aid equipment is developed with the main purpose of assisting lifting work between the bed and the wheelchair as well as from the bed to the portable toilet, thus alleviating the caregivers’ care burdens. The equipment has the following features:

・A joystick on the top of the arm, allows non-step winding and feeding of the right and left belts.

・Since one joystick on the top of the arm enables independent or simultaneous operations of the right and left belts, one hand can perform other work at all times.

・Positioning of the caregiver between the caretaker and the lifting aid equipment keeps both close to each other at all times.


The name of the robot care equipment Portable backpack type lifting aid equipment
Target area Wearable transfer aid
Expected target user Care worker
Assumed environment Lifting between a bed and a wheelchair, and between a wheelchair and a portable toilet in an indoor and barrier-free environment
Sales date discontinue development