Power Assist Suit “Waist Support”
(LLP Atom Project)

Main Features

Waist Support

Product features
◾By using the air pressure, it can be used safely unlike hydraulic actuator or motor which might “force to the extent out of control”.
◾Worn on the side or back of the caregiver, which will not obstacle between the patient and caregiver allowing the caregiver to perform work without discomfort.
◾Worn using velcro belt therefore detachable in a few of seconds.

Technical features
◾With the battery and the air compressor incorporated in the device, it is powered internally, with no power cables connected.
◾Soft structure using an air bag, assisting the bending motion of the hips, and also adapt to the rotational motion of the hips.
◾Includes a muscle sensor that detects the movement of the muscles by simply wearing the device, without the need to put sensors manually.


The name of the robot care equipment Power Assist Suit (Waist Support)
Company name Japan Art Co., Ltd., ,LLP Atom project, Sagami Robot Industry Agency
Target area Wearable transfer aid
Expected target user Care workers (who performs transfer between the bed, wheelchairs, toilet)
Assumed environment Households and nursing homes where there are caregivers
Sales date The first half of 2016
Contact department LLP Atom Project
Contact number 046-224-2466
E-Mail akihiro.saito@kikuchiseisakusho.co.jp