Monitoring systems for nursing care homes

watch_care_1Equipment and platforms using sensor and external communication facilities to support monitoring of patients at long-term care facilities.

  • Multiple patients can be monitored simultaneously.
  • Allow the sharing of information amongst caregivers within a facility.
  • Usable both in daytime and nighttime.
  • No reliance solely on voluntary actions to seek help by patients (e.g. pressing a button or calling out).
  • Capable of detecting a patient who has left their bed or is attempting to do so, and alerting the caregiver.
  • A platform for monitoring dementia patients that can be connected to other equipment and software to extend the system’s capabilities.
Product list

認知症の方の見守りエージェント型ネットワークロボット(ピップRT株式会社)The Monitoring Agent Network Robot for Dementia Patients (Pip Co., Ltd.)

「見守りかぼちゃん」、飲み忘れ防止・服薬管理機能を持つ「くすりばこ」、居室空間に設置する各種の「見守りセンサ」をネットワークを通じて組み合わせた「エージェント型ネットワークロボット」。The "Mimamori Kabochan", has added a function to monitor the patient. The "Kusuribako" for medication management. And a network of "Mimamori Sensor" to be installed in living space to create an "Agent-based Network Robot". Continue reading

FG視覚センサをもちいた認知症患者用非接触ベッド見守りシステム(株式会社イデアクエスト)Non-contact Tracking System for Dementia Patients used on Beds using FG Vision Sensor (IDEAQUEST Co., Ltd.)

完全非接触・無拘束の認知症患者用ベッド見守りシステムです。A completely non-contact and unrestrained sensing device, the cared person does not receive any physical limitations. Continue reading

シルエット見守りセンサ(キング通信工業株式会社)Silhouette Monitoring Sensor (KING TSUSHIN KOGYO CO.,LTD)

ベッド上の要介護者をシルエット画像で認識、センサが検知すると「起き上がり」、「はみ出し」、「離床」などの事象を併せてPC・タブレットへ異常を通知する等といった特長を有する見守り支援システム。Monitoring system, which monitoring by the caregiver is done through silhouette images of the patient, possible to check the situation of patient from distant location by notifying abnormalities to computers or tablets, by detecting movements of "getting up" "jut-out" or "out-of-bed". Continue reading

3次元電子マット式見守りシステム(ノーリツプレシジョン株式会社<旧会社名:NKワークス株式会社>)Monitoring System using Three-dimensional Electron Mat (Noritsu Precison Co.,Ltd.<previously NK Works Co.,Ltd.>)

非接触方式のため見守り対象者の身体的・精神的負担がない、人体のシルエット画像で処理するためプライバシーを保護できる等といった特長を有する見守り支援システム。 Monitoring system, which use non-contact method gives no physical, mental burden on the monitored subject, protect privacy by processing silhouette image of the body. Continue reading

スマートラバーセンサとカメラを併用した見守りプラットフォーム(東海ゴム工業)Monitoring Platform using Camera and Smart Rubber Sensor (Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.)

スマートラバーセンサをセンサシートとしてベッドに敷く事によって、認知症をはじめとする要介護者の姿勢・体動・呼吸状態を検知し、正確かつ早期に離床または起床を検知して通報する見守り支援システム。By laying a smart rubber sensor sheet on the bed, it detects the attitude and body movements and respiratory state of those who require care including dementia patient, and accurately and quickly alert by detecting wake-up or out-of-bed behavior. Continue reading

見守り機能型服薬管理支援(クラリオン株式会社)Medication Management Support Equipment and Monitoring System (Clarion Co., Ltd.)

Our multiple-sensor system accurately detects the person about to leave the bed with an extra function of providing assistance in medication management. Continue reading

高齢者見守りシステム市場化(株式会社スーパーリージョナル)Establishing and Marketing Monitoring Systems for the Elderly (Super Regional,Inc.)

Easy Monitor "Rakumi-ma" (tentative) uses an infrared three-dimensional distance sensor coordinating the position of the main patient (namely the position of the head) and notifies the state of the patient to caregivers by wireless LAN and nurse call. Continue reading