Transfer Care Assistance (Toyota Motor Corporation)

Main Features


Our transfer aid robot lifts up people while holding their body just like trained care workers do in helping people move from one place to another. In this way, the robot can lift up even those having little lower limb motion without too much compression on the armpits where axillary nerves and blood vessels exist. In this sense, our transfer aid helps a wider range of people than other devices that require the motion of lower limbs including knees.
The aid robot is also capable of holding people sideway and help them keep the sitting position, for example, in the bathroom. This means that people no longer need support from caregivers while toileting, which leads to the protection of their privacy and dignity and saving them from embarrassing situations while getting help.

Product Transfer Care Assistance
Manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation
Target category Non-wearable transfer aids with powered assistance, which holds and lifts patients by using robotic technology
Target user Professional nursing care workers
Target environment indoors / beds in a barrier-free environment / between wheelchairs / between a wheelchair and a toilet seat
Expected sales date Under review after testing
Contact Partner Robot Department, Planning Room
Phone 0565-98-6493