Outdoor mobility aids

This category includes mobile support equipment and walking support devices that provide mobility and luggage assistance to the elderly outside their home.

  • A rolling walker that the user can use alone.
  • The device can assist the elderly or other people to walk on their feet (excludes ridable devices).
  • The device can carry luggage.
  • Powered assistance is provided using a motor (propulsion for climbing hills and braking for descending hills).
  • Has 4 or more wheels.
  • Capable of stable motion over uneven ground.
  • Small enough to be transported in an average car, whether folded or unfolded, in the boot or the passenger compartment.
  • Has manual brakes
  • Weather-proof such that being left outdoors in poor weather will not impact its functioning.
  • Easy to carry (30kg or less).
Product list

高齢者の外出意欲を促進させる体重免荷移動支援機の開発(株式会社菊池製作所)Body Weight Support Travel Aid (Kikuchi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)

体重の一部を保持し、より長距離の移動を支援する。一般的なシルバーカーのように前方をふさがれないため、スーパーなどにおいてドアや商品棚へ手を伸ばしやすい。Holds a part of the weight, to assist long range travel. Because it does not block the front like typical rolling walker, it is easy to reach out to the store shelf and door in supermarkets. Continue reading

歩行アシストロボット(株式会社カワムラサイクル)Walking Assist Robot (Kawamura Cycle Co., Ltd.)

高齢者が安心して安全に、歩いて外出することをサポートする歩行アシストロボット。Walking assist robot which will support the elderly safely to go out on foot. Continue reading

フィードバック機能を有するアシスト付移動支援機器のためのプラットフォーム開発(GMP創房)Active Cart (Active Cart Development Consortium: GMP Sobo, etc.)

歩行動作に同調するフィードバック機能、カスタマイズが可能な仕様、高効率&省エネルギー化、直観的ユーザーインターフェイス等の特徴を有するアクティブカート。Active cart that has feedback function adapt with walking behavior, specification that can be customized in the future, high efficiency & energy saving, intuitive user interface. Continue reading

おたすけ歩行車(アズビル株式会社)Otasuke Walker (Azbil Co., Ltd.)

Our walking aid provides assistance for elerly people physically and mentally by making it easier to walk outdoors. Continue reading