Outdoor mobility aids


This category includes mobile support equipment and walking support devices that provide mobility and luggage assistance to the elderly outside their home.

  • A rolling walker that the user can use alone.
  • The device can assist the elderly or other people to walk on their feet (excludes ridable devices).
  • The device can carry luggage.
  • Powered assistance is provided using a motor (propulsion for climbing hills and braking for descending hills).
  • Has 4 or more wheels.
  • Capable of stable motion over uneven ground.
  • Small enough to be transported in an average car, whether folded or unfolded, in the boot or the passenger compartment.
  • Has manual brakes
  • Weather-proof such that being left outdoors in poor weather will not impact its functioning.
  • Easy to carry (30kg or less).
Currently Japanese version only.