Room-mounted Mobile Flush Toilet (TOTO Ltd.)

Main Features


  • This room-mounted seat-type toilet is designed to be used in the user’s private room. When the user is done, the toilet flushes to clean the bowl and crushes and pressure-feeds the waste outside into the sewer system.
  • The user will not be bothered by odor problems as the waste is quickly removed from the bowl.
  • This toilet uses flexible pipes, lying on the floor, for its plumbing system to ensure its movability in the room as far as the pipe can reach. The product also has lockable castors on the bottom, which let the users move it easily anywhere they want it.
  • The toilet has a back support and armrests and can adjust the seat height, which together accommodate individual differences in physical size and ability.
  • The toilet also uses an innovative pump that prevents it from locking up even when an object is flushed down to it. The pump can detect and warn the users of malfunction.
Product Room-mounted mobile flush toilet
Manufacturer TOTO Ltd.
Target category Toilet aids
Target user
  • Elderly people who use the product with or whithout help
Target environment
  • Bedside in the user’s private room at home or nursing care homes
  • The user sits down the toilet and use it with or without help
Expected sales date March 2016
Contact UD Research Division, TOTO Research Institute
Phone 03-6836-2121