Announcement of opening 9th robot care equipment development partnership meeting

9th robotic care devices development partnership meeting will be held.

(When you participate it,please bring this documents.ReferenceThe document is going to show it in the page of reference documents on the day before on the date.)


Target:Toilet aids、Bathing aids、Monitoring system for nursing care facilities、Monitoring system for private homes

  • Date:13:30 to 16:30 May 12(Tuesday),2015.
  • Location:Kikai Shinkou Kaikan Hall Training Room-1(3rd basement))
  • Capacity:About 120 people
  • Access:3-5-8,Shibakouen,Minato-ku,Tokyo


Target:Wearable transfer aids,Non-wearable transfer aids,Outdoor mobility aids,Indoor mobility aids

  • Date:13:30 to 16:30 May 21(Thursday),2015.
  • Location:TKP Shin Osaka Business Center Hall 4A(4F)
  • Capacity:About 120 people
  • Access:5-13-9,Nishi-nakajima,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka-city,Osaka,Shin-Osaka MT-Building-1 3F/4F


1. About the development for the proof examination,FY2015,Yayoi Okawa,(AIST)

2. About a stage gate examination result,FY2014,Yasushi Sumi,(AIST)

3. About inspection of minimum security,FY2014,Youichi Asano(JARI)


ReferencePlease refer to this page.

We relay it live brodcasting by internet distribution(Ustream distribution). For the details visit the following links.

USTREAM:robotcare:robot care equipment project

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

    • NEDO Robot nursing equipment development partnership
      • NEDO The 9th Robot nursing equipment development partnership

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