Rise Assisting Robot “Resyone Plus” (Panasonic AGE-FREE Co., Ltd.)

Main Features
  • Overview
  • Rise Assisting Robot “Reshone Plus” is a new concept nurcing care robot, which is an integration of nurcing care bed and reclining wheelchair.

    Using this robot, a care givers can transfer bedridden people easily, safely and smoothly by oneself.

    You can usually use it as a three-motor type electrical care bed. Moreover, a part of bed can be transformed into an electorical full-reclining wheelchair.

    If you slide bedridden people on the bed using a sliding sheet, you can transfer them between bed and wheelchair without lifting up.

    This robot is certified according to ISO13482, which is the new international safety standard for personal care robot. This robot satisfies the safety requirements for nursing care robot, so you can use it safely without any anxiety.



  • Main targets
  • Reshone Plus is the nursing care robot which support the follwoing people to rise from bed and participate more activities.

    (1)people who give up rising from bed due to physical risks (osteoporosis, subcutaneous hemorrhage, dermabrasion, tubal feeding, etc.)

    (2)people who will have more oppotunities to participate activities and expect improving QOL using this robot.

  • Benefits
  • You can expect to have good effects as follows:

    (1)Improving QOL
    Care receivers can be transferred in a comfortable position. So, they can have more oppotunities to participate activities and live an active life.

    (2)Improving work environment
    Care givers can transfer bedridden people without lifting them up by oneself. So, they can reduce physical burden, mental burden, and accidental risks for fall.

Product Rise Assisting Robot “Resyone Plus”
Manufacturer Panasonic AGE-FREE Co., Ltd.
Target category Non-wearable transfer aid
Target user Those who need all the transfer assistance between a wheelchair and bed
Target environment Nursing care facilities, home
Expected sales date Now on sale
Contact Sales Planning Department, Care Products Business Division
Phone +81-6-6908-8141