The“yorisoi (snuggle up)”robot which prevents the fracture by fall (Sanyo Homes Corporation)

Main Features

”yorisoi(snuggle up)” robot

  • This is the robot which prevent the fracture by fall.
  • When the robot detects the fall (by speed), the motor which is hanged from the ceiling let the user fall slowly and the special jacket is also decreasing any fracture incidents.
  • There is a sensor in the jacket when user falls it is possible to inform the incident to the family(option).
Product The “yorisoi(snuggle up)” robot which prevent the fracture by fall
Manufacturer Sanyo Homes Corporation
Target category Indoor mobility aids
Target user person who is worried about walking by a desease or muscle of the lower leg is decreased.
Target environment indoor(except bathroom), hospital, and nursing facility
Expected sales date around June 2017
Contact life support department
Phone 06-7670-3412