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We are developing a stage-gate review evaluation criteria for assessing the safety, utility, effect, market, etc. of robot care equipment.

Development company documents style in FY2015

The form needed by demonstration permission in FY2014

  • Verification experient execution plan(H26-JP-01_v2.0.xlsx)
  • The latest risk assessment seat
  • “Inspection of minimum safety” the safe check test list a result gathers and by which it’s a minimum(Excel)(Ver.2)
  • Examination form of ethics (written application to ERB and something to show that you got a permit)

FY2014 stage-gate (document)review

Please see a stage-gate review (document) point in FY 2014 about details of an examination.

  1. The present conditions of the development:
    • Present conditions of the development and problem report seat (the Excel form):sample(PDF)
  2. Development concept:
    • Development concept sheet (the Excel form):sample(PDF)
  3. Safety aspect:
    • Safe concept check sheet (the Excel form):sample(PDF)
    • Risk assessment seat (the Excel form):sample(PDF)
  4. Demonstration:
    • The demonstration result report seat (the Excel form):sample(PDF)
    • Examination of ethics: Presentation documents for examinations and examination result form(The document submitted to ERB for examinations of ethics and document of the examination result)
    • Instruction manual(The instruction manual which assumed commercialization or the one which is used to explain to the user in case of a demonstration)
  5. Individual questionnaire (For being expected to commercialize it.)*Only the company which judged that it is necessary submits it
  6. An accident and incident,mechanical trouble, etc., generation status report (the Excel form):sample(PDF)

*Please see the following material in case of making on each documents.

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